Sunday, December 19, 2010

Other fun ideas...

Pinata. I've never thought of doing this until recently when MT introduced the idea. I'm not sure if P likes the idea but I think it would add a little fun for the kids and make the reception a different than the typical mormon reception (which is what we are going for). 
 I like the initials idea because I don't really get why you would hit a bride and groom or animals. Plus I think they look cool. :)

People could shake these as we were leaving and could also be used as a decoration. I've always liked the idea of sparklers as we left too. I reception I went to last night everyone made a tunnel  and the b&g ran through it as they were leaving. 


  1. I actually do like the piñata idea:)

  2. piñata, best idea ever! And I say maracas and sparklers!!!!